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Book 1
Chimera Supernaturals
Erin was content with her simple life of going to university and working at De Cep Tion, a club owned by her adopted father, Rafe. That is, until she runs into the gorgeous Denzell, who tells her that nothing is as it seems. That like him, she’s not human. That he is the Alpha of a clan of panther shifters, and she is his destined mate. Thinking the man is crazy, Erin Tasers him and leaves him behind.

Denzell has nearly given up finding his destined mate before he runs in to the beautiful Erin. The shock of meeting her, along with discovering she has no idea who she is in the supernatural world, has him off his game. And his elusive mate takes advantage and vanishes on him.

When Erin seeks advice from Rafe-the man she’s trusted with her life from the moment he saved her from the streets as a young teen-she discovers even more deception and lies. Rafe is not simply a nice man, but a fae male who has been profiting from her since the very beginning.

When Denzell finally catches up with his mate, he has just days left to claim her. Already on edge, Denzell becomes frantic when Erin is snatched off the street. Can Denzell find her in time to rescue her and convince her to trust him with her heart after Rafe has hurt her so deeply?