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Dragon Warriors Volume 1:
'Enchanting Eilagh'
Dimitri, Max & Eilagh

Eilagh and her four best friends escape their jobs and lives for a few days to go camping. Fate intervenes and they get whipped away through a portal to The Land of Feury while hiking.

The Land of Feury has a problem. A virus killed off  all their females years ago and Dimitri, their leader, has no idea how to solve the issue. When Dimitri’s twin, Max, finds a group of five unconscious females he can only hope of what might happen.

When Dimitri and Max realize one of the females, Eilagh, is their Desired they are overjoyed. But there is trouble brewing, and an uprising against  Dimitri causes two of the women to be kidnapped. Will they be able to rescue their Desired and her friend in time? Will these five females prove to be the saviors their race has been praying for?

'Binding Becky'
Drake, Savren and Becky

The Land of Feury has a problem. A virus killed off all their females years ago and a solution is yet to be found.  When a group of five unconscious females are found, hope for survival amongst the Dragon Shifters runs high.

Becky and her four best friends are escaping from their stressful everyday lives to go camping in the bush. Fate intervenes and while they are hiking they get whipped away through a portal to The Land of Feury.

Brothers, Drake and Savren, discover one of the females is their Desired.  They excitedly set about wooing the strong willed, independent Becky. Their plans do not go smoothly, Becky is kidnapped by rebels and taken from them.  Will they be
able to rescue their Desired in time? Will they be able to convince the ever independent Becky that having bonded mates is a good thing?
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Dragon Warriors Volume 2:
'Claiming Carina'
Denver, Phelan, Hart and Carina

When Carina goes camping with her friends she's hoping her friends can help her heal from the horrific attack she suffered ten months ago. The day after she confesses all to her friends around a campfire, all five of them are blown through a portal to The Land of Feury.

Dragon shifters call The Land of Feury home. Brothers, Denver, Phelan and Hart, the clan's farmers, are excited when they discover Carina is their Desired; their destined mate. But can they help her heal from her from her past hurts? Will Carina ever be able to accept the attention of three men after being attacked?

'Seducing Skye'
Calix, Owen, Axel and Skye

Only three of Skye’s four friends have woken up after they were transported through a portal to the Land of Feury, leaving the traumatized Carina still unconscious. Skye vows to not leave Carina’s side until she has recovered... no matter how irresistible her three sexy guards are.

Dragon Warriors, Calix, Owen and Axel are excited to discover one of the five human females the Great Wind delivered to their land is their Desired, their one and only destined love. Their only problem is getting her alone long enough to seduce her.

'Believing Binda'
Baxter, Zane & Binda

Clan healers, Baxter and Zane have their work cut out for them when five human women appear in the Land of Feury. Instantly they recognize one of the women as their Desired, but with the other four women continually getting injured they struggle to find the time to convince Binda she’s precious to them.

Binda battles to find her place in Feury as her friends all find love with their Dragon Warriors. Convinced she doesn’t belong on Feury she sets about finding a way back to Earth. But when she attempts to leave, things don’t go as she planned.
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